hazy EP

by Spoonboy

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one handed 02:50
this operation, watch out as i make a mess of it. all stuck like tarpits up in my head. this dull perdition, i am motivated by the hell of it or stuck in my tracks, it just depends. this precious lifetime, runs opposite to eternity, infinite timelines rush by and pass insist now that i’m… i'm obsessed and so aware of it fixated on things that i can't have. but jealousy is a boring, boring game. and i do much better with crazy, crazy, crazy. i wanna be your cast iron obligation. i wanna be the poetry you dream. i wanna breath your pressure to succeed. i wanna be your court ordered sense of failure, i wanna taste the aftertaste of shame. i wanna be your day stuck in the rain. i wanna be your court ordered acquisition. i wanna be the thing that you achieve. i wanna be your reminder to breathe, i wanna be your cast iron sense of sadness i wanna be half real, half make believe i wanna be self consciously incomplete
dr. irving kirsch has got a study out, you see, about the chemical imbalance of the brain, the controversy centers around the source and cure for that old thing they call depression i read the article in silence while my mother takes her medicine. sitting here alone i'm thinking about how things have been, about the emptiness i feel sometimes, i'll flirt with it, i'll treat it like a muse, put it to work, but then i won't know where it's gone. it's overshadowed by some thing that's come along… like attention from this one cute girl. from a couple hundred miles up the road. i ask her what she thinks, she says "in truth, well i don't know. these things come and go.” and when all this introspection gets me feeling too unstable, take my bike out for a ride, i'll have a drink and see the monuments to all those overrated men from our tired history, yeah for some reason it means something to me. i'd take this car some thousand miles. if i sublet my room i might not worry about money for a while. if that sounds good to you, well you could come along, but either way i'm headed on…
hazy 02:39
in the humble gaze of a queer adolescence you find that everything’s placed to be questioned through the haze of your foggy eyes. in one 15 year old’s survey of the chemical cures and the therapy, the clouds overhead don’t quite clear away, but that’s what theyl say. so the state comes to investigate the family at the wrong estate, the dad who chose not to temper his child’s minds with drugs, while abusive dads and alcoholics cheer on their rapist football sons i am feeling empty, all used up and overdue. and all my self important pain, it drips and it runs and it fades away, all shadowed by the expanses of the meaningless. in the humble gaze of a queer adolescence i fixate on all our own planned obsolescence and it derails my train of thought, and all in all i guess it’s ok. i mean, words never carried much truth anyway, and i couldn’t claim to know what to say, so i let it lay.


recorded, mixed and mastered quick & dirty on may 30th by kyle gilbride at the mitten except for track 3 which was recorded june 1st by david combs in his bedroom.

guitar, bass, vocals - david combs
drums - mike harpring


released June 4, 2015




Spoonboy Washington D.C., D.C.

"a poor man's belle and sebastian" - MRR

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