The Goodbye Party Split 7"

by Spoonboy

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here. i watch myself disappear. i am feeling crazier every second that i lay here. breath in deep. i force myself not to sleep. i am telling myself i just need to live through the next week. mold. in my lungs. i have made a bad decision. i'm not telling anyone. i will suffer consequence. i'll live through this summer laying in a bed of sickness. because don't you know that i'm a great mistake maker? a chronic break taker. a risk taker. and i feel all the weight of it. i spent the day huffing till i was burnt inside. here comes the future and you can’t run from it. great mistake maker. chronic break taker. a risk taker. now it's a year later and i feel the weight of it. i've got some scars from it, but i don't think on it, and i’ve been doing fine.
Linus and Me 03:29
linus and me, we were talking about first loves, how they burn out, leave you charred and then changed completely. i thought about that one summer burning in the suburbs: me and caroline making eyes and waiting on the subway. she'd sought me out like the stamp that finished her collection, like a dying breed in danger of extinction, and we fell into each other without the slightest bit of caution, until the whole thing fell out from under our feet. i see caroline sometimes walking down the street, and her head’s all full up with those people she meets. i wanna call out and say "hey, thanks for everything, caroline" but she don't go by that name no more… and if she saw me tonight, she wouldn't look at me twice, but you know, don't you know, it's alright… alright... alright. me and caroline walked different paths in life, but you know, don't you know, it's alright… alright… alright. tommy and me, we had committed a crime, not a lot to it, just something we did at the time. there was war in the air and it troubled my mind. there were secrets between us, but i'd been sure the things we shared, well they were ours, but there was something there i hadn't seen before when i saw tommy in his military uniform: he'd just been looking for a war. and if he saw me tonight he might not look me in the eye, but you know, don't you know, it's alright… alright… alright. me and tommy we had different wars to fight, but you know, don't you know, it's just gotta be alright. it took a while thinking about someone new before i broke and took down that old picture you drew. you know they say moving on is just something you do. could be. i don’t know. i think sometimes it just happens to you. you find your path and you take that road. when you look back, i hope that know the things we share and the ways we grow, they’re due to all the people we've known. and when you saw me tonight i know it didn't feel right, but you know, don't you know, it takes time, yeah it takes time. me and you, we held a little too tight. but you know, don't you know, it's just gotta be alright.


split 7" with the goodbye party!

if i'm out of download credits, you can download this for free at:

available for pre-order from silver sprocket records at:

download the goodbye party's side here:

david combs - guitars, vocals
michael cantor - bass, vocals
mike harpring - drums
emma cleveland - cello, violin
john slavin - keys, trumpet
theo hilton - vocals
althea baird - vocals

recorded by peter helmis at studio p at big mama's warehouse.
mastered by dead air studios.
technical help from dave eck, steve steckler, joe mitra & denny muller.


released May 29, 2014




Spoonboy Washington D.C., D.C.

"a poor man's belle and sebastian" - MRR

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